Having participated in Pilates training for the past five years, I have been working with Jena Carty for the past two years. She is the most knowledgeable and professional instructor I know, and I recommend her with the utmost confidence. There is no one better, and working with her is a pleasure.
Michael Y., MD, Raleigh, NC

I’ve done private and group lessons with Jena and couldn’t be more pleased. It’s never the same workout twice, she modifies on the fly like a pro based on what she sees and what she knows about each of us, and she has helped me recover from several injuries/surgeries. When I started Pilates I couldn’t do a sit up (post c-section). Now I can do intermediate mat work and all kinds of stretches and core strengths I never thought I’d do. The core strength has really helped with my chronic back issues as well. I haven’t needed to see a chiropractor in several years and used to end up there for regular sessions every single year. For group or private lessons, Jena is amazing. She challenges you and keeps you motivated!
Alli W., Apex, NC

Few things have changed my life as much as practicing Pilates. And my lessons with Jena are the basis of this change. Jena is a skilled instructor who quickly recognizes each person’s strengths. She formulates an innovative lesson plan each time we meet, building on technique and challenging me at every turn. At the same time, she is always encouraging and full of praise. I look forward to each lesson and am amazed at how much Pilates has made all my daily activities easier.
Mina L., Raleigh, NC

The doctor said I was overweight, had high cholesterol and borderline high blood pressure… after losing 38 pounds by starving and beating my body in the gym hanging out with the gym-rat kids half my age, Jena came into my life and told me I didn’t have to go through all that punishment just to stay healthy. She promised I could regain long lost balance and flexibility and begin to enjoy my gym time without all the sweaty, muscle burning, heavy lifting and eliminate the days of painful muscle recovery it caused. I’d never taken a Pilates class before, but was curious to give it a try. Jena’s unique ability to demonstrate and explain the Pilates movements as well as her careful descriptions of what the body should be feeling during the movements allowed me to focus on improving my ability to perform. In Pilates, posture, breathing, positioning all come into play at the same time challenging the student to really focus on the body, recognize the feedback and make adjustments. Through Jena’s observations, gentle corrections and encouragement, students are able to get the most out of each session. I believe my body now has much improved flexibility and balance and with Jena’s help I’m looking forward to even better results. I can see Pilates as a healthy living tool anyone young or old can practice as a long-term exercise solution. I highly recommend Jena’s Pilates expertise for all levels of ability and her warm, engaging and humorous personality helps keep the student relaxed but focused on challenging oneself to improve.
Brad T., Raleigh, NC

Through the Employee Activities Association group at BASF, Pilates is offered as on-site program to relieve stress and maintain physical well-being. The greatest asset of the Pilates program is Jena. We were fortunate enough to find an instructor with enthusiasm, knowledge, and an incredible ability to connect with the group as a whole and each person individually. Jena has demonstrated how Pilates can be used to alleviate stress, heal injuries, strengthen our core and bring balance between body and mind. The Pilates class enrollment has increased and now offered twice weekly. Jena has personally helped me with valuable lessons in reducing stress and improving my overall physical well-being.
Jenny Lee, 
Ag Research Chemist, BASF Corporation, Research Triangle Park, NC

I began taking Pilates with Jena after the birth of my second child. Like many women I tend to carry my stress in my shoulders and upper back and I thought Pilates would help. I had taken previous classes at some local studios but had a difficult time keeping up in class and understanding what I was supposed to be doing. Jena changed all of that for me. She has a special talent for teaching the basics and helping to build strength and confidence. I cannot believe what I can do today. I had a third child (and a 3rd C-section) two years after starting with Jena and my recovery from that surgery was so much easier thanks to Jena and Pilates. I have far less back and shoulder pain and I love the strength I have built. I am truly grateful to Jena. I feel I am in the best shape of my life at 40.
–Faye W. Apex, NC